Nov 8, 2010

Using a MIDI keyboard in energyXT

In energyXT you can connect one or more MIDI keyboards and playback and record instrument and drum tracks.

energyXT usually will setup the first available MIDI keyboard by default. If not go to File > Setup > MIDI and make sure your MIDI keyboard is activated by a checkmark.

If your MIDI keyboard is working properly you can now see the MIDI indicator flash in the main toolbar.

Lets create some tracks to playback. Click the Quick-add button and select Synthesizer to add new track with an instrument. Playing the MIDI keyboard should now play the voices of the Synthesizer.

If you get no sound, double-check that the track is receiving data from MIDI in. Go to the Track > Input menu and make sure MDI in is activated by a checkmark.

Drum track
When using the MIDI keyboard to playback drum tracks, C1 is automatically mapped to the first drum, C#1 to the second, D1 to the third etc.

You may change the sensitivity of your MIDI keyboard for each track in the Object-bar (see Options menu or press 'o' key to open the object-bar)