Nov 18, 2010

Using downloaded samples (wav, aif, mp3) in energyXT

This tutorial will show how to use samples downloaded from the web inside energyXT. 

In energyXT you can use samples for the drum sampler, in audio tracks and in the synthesizer. Supported file formats are wav, aif and mp3 (require lame). 

First, create a folder on your disk to store the samples. In this example Im using c:\audio\samples but you may store the samples in a sub folder of energyXT or your documents folder. 

After unzipping and saving the sample its time to tell energyXT where to locate the samples. Select Setup from the File menu and click the Browser tab. Next select "Samples" and click the Add button. After adding the location of your samples it will look something like this: 

OK, the samples are now available in the main browser and can by dragged into the project. You can preview samples by click and hold with mouse or use the up/down arrow keys on your PC keyboard. 

Samples can be dragged into the track panel for use with drum tracks. Drag and drop below last track to create a new drum track loaded with the sample. You can open the drum editor and drag samples in there as well to add or replace the current drums. 

Samples may also be dragged into the the timeline. This will create a new audio track and works best for longer samples like vocal and guitar. 

The synthesizer in energyXT supports playback of samples. In the Zone view you can build presets of one or more samples.

Nov 8, 2010

Using a MIDI keyboard in energyXT

In energyXT you can connect one or more MIDI keyboards and playback and record instrument and drum tracks.

energyXT usually will setup the first available MIDI keyboard by default. If not go to File > Setup > MIDI and make sure your MIDI keyboard is activated by a checkmark.

If your MIDI keyboard is working properly you can now see the MIDI indicator flash in the main toolbar.

Lets create some tracks to playback. Click the Quick-add button and select Synthesizer to add new track with an instrument. Playing the MIDI keyboard should now play the voices of the Synthesizer.

If you get no sound, double-check that the track is receiving data from MIDI in. Go to the Track > Input menu and make sure MDI in is activated by a checkmark.

Drum track
When using the MIDI keyboard to playback drum tracks, C1 is automatically mapped to the first drum, C#1 to the second, D1 to the third etc.

You may change the sensitivity of your MIDI keyboard for each track in the Object-bar (see Options menu or press 'o' key to open the object-bar)

Nov 4, 2010

Installing LAME on mac - for mp3 import/export

This will show you how to install the LAME mp3 encoder for use with energyXT 2.5.3 on Mac OSX.

1) Open your web browser and visit then go to the Products section
2) Download the LAME Audio Encoder 3.97
3) Run the installer to extract all files (/usr/local/bin)
4) Open the 'Terminal' application (type Terminal in spotlight)
5) In the Terminal type: 'cp /usr/local/bin/lame /Applications/energyXT/' to copy the lame binary into the energXT folder

energyXT should now find the LAME encoder. Note, we are working to improve this in future release.