Feb 14, 2011

Using your MIDI keyboard to control the Transporter (play, stop, rew, rec and tempo) in energyXT

In energyXT you can use your MIDI controller to start playback and recording. To enable this feature start by opening the Controller map by clicking the MIDI icon in the main toolbar.

In the Controller map window you can preview incoming MIDI data and see the MIDI values your controller is sending to the MIDI input of energyXT.

You can enter the MIDI CC value in the Transporter map to manually setup MIDI automation of each function of the transporter. Double-click the "--" and input the CC number of your choice. I will use CC 40 since that is what I see in the preview info.

You can also use MIDI learn to automatically setup MIDI automation of the transporter. First you need to enable MIDI learn by clicking the MIDI icon in the toolbar.

Next, you need to repeat 2 steps for each function.

1) Double-click the function you want to automate with your MIDI keyboard. In this example I double-click the Stop function. You should then see a question mark next to the Stop label.

2) Turn the next knob on your MIDI keyboard to tell energyXT what MIDI CC to use for automation Stop. In my example the next knob on my MIDI keyboard was CC 43 and is now mapped to the Stop function in the Transporter.